3 door to Sportback


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Contemplating swapping the 3 door black edition for a Sportback black edition and have been looking at the used car locator for some examples. Seen as though my car is pretty new (Sept 09) been looking like for like (in terms of age and spec).
Understand that I wont get an exact match but was wondering how easy it is to retrofit some of the options I have on my current 3dr.

Bluetooth prep in arm rest
Reverse Parking Sensors
Interior Light Pack
Folding Mirrors
Flat Tyre Warning
Symphony - is it a straight swap for concert?
Matt Alu Inlays

Please note I'm novice to modding ....



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If your a novice then not many mods are easy, most mentioned above are pretty straightforward but i would suggest get some serious reading done before you attempt these yourself.

Symphony - I beleive is a straight swap but not 100%



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Reverse parking sensors and folding mirrors will be the more difficult ones from your list IMO