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This news is direct from Audi UK. The car was only offically signed off for the UK on Tuesday and pricing was finally agreed this afternoon. I had to wait until the Audi Centres had the chance to down load this before I posted. Please be aware that should you go to a dealers tomorrow, you will probably still be more informed than all the staff. This is not their fault it is simply because I am bringing you internal information before it is due for release. Please bear this in mind when speaking with your local dealership.

The original document is here =>

The main points are :

The 3.2 TT Coupe quattro is now confirmed for production and will officially launch on the 19th July 2003 with the 3.2 TT Roadster quattro launching on the 1st November 2003.

A new 3.2 V6 engine delivering 250 PS linked to the acclaimed quattro four wheel drive system will propel the TT Coupe from 0-62 mph in 6.4 secs and on to an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph.

To support the increase in power a braking system derived from the Audi RS4 has been developed incorporating a 17” twin piston system with ventilated front discs.

The sporting characteristics are further enhanced by the development of a sound optimised exhaust system, where electronically controlled baffles adjust the exhaust note to retain its sporting note at low speeds but ensures it does not become obtrusive at higher speeds.

Specific exterior changes have been designed to express its high performance character;
• Special front air dam with larger inlet apertures, centre air inlet with visible slats and gills at the side.
• Honeycomb structure diffuser panel at the rear
• Larger modified rear spoiler.


The new Audi 3.2 TT quattro features for the first time the DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox). This is an extremely sporting and innovative transmission that uses two separate clutches and almost completely eliminates the break in the power flow that is unavoidable when changing gear in a conventional manual or automatic gearbox. This is the only gearbox available with this engine.

It is an automatic gearbox and therefore does not have a clutch pedal. It can be driven in automatic mode where the engine will change automatically or in manual mode in which the gears can be changed by using the tiptronic gear selector or by using the steering wheel mounted paddles.

A full breakdown of how the gearbox operates along with an introduction to the 3.2 TT quattro can be found on the Audi TV web page.


3.2 TT Coupe £ 28,450.00 (£ 29,155.00 OTR)
3.2 TT Roadster £ 30,700.00 (£ 31,405.00 OTR)


The specification of the 3.2 models will replicate that of the 225 PS models with the exception of the following;

• 7.5 J x 18” ‘seven spoke’ design alloy wheels with 225/40 ZR 18Y tyres are fitted as standard
• Sports suspension system with new spring and shock absorber setting is fitted as standard, the lowered Sports Suspension system from quattro GmbH is not available on the 3.2 models.
• Tyre mobility system is fitted as standard as a result of the redesign of the boot space - there is no opportunity to change this fitment.


The ordering system will be open for customer orders only on Monday 14th July for the 3.2 Coupe.


All options and pricing are shown in the August 2003 Price list that is available to view on Audi desktop from Tuesday 15th July 2003. Once the new price lists have been printed they will be automatically issued to all centres.


The Audi UK website will display the new model on the configurator and home page from Monday 14th July.


All centres will receive one 3.2 TT Coupe replacing the current Coupe demonstrator. Centres should receive their allocated car in the week commencing the 21st July 2003.

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In addition to the above, I have been told the following :

The current RS style wheels will be available as a no cost option.

There is a lot of deposits already with dealers, so if you haven't place one yet, don't expect delivery for quite a while (into 2004).

Don't expect to purchase the 3.2 demo car within a short period. The dealers will be keeping these cars for a while longer than the normal 3 months.

Audi UK have had a number of cars made already. Some with 7 spoke wheels, some with 9 spokes and all well specced. These first cars will be available to the first customers. Of course they won't be able to specify exaclty their own spec unless they want to wait for their specific spec. The cars already built are in popular colours - including Avus, Moro Blue, Brilliant Red, etc

I think that's everything I can publish. If there are any questions, please post them here and then after Burghley (TT annual meet this weekend), I'll try to get the relevant answers.