3.0TFSI mods?

I'm considering getting my 3.0TFSI (2012 A6) tweaked a bit and I was just checking what the recommended mods are?

Currently looking at the the APR remap and APR pulley: I've asked around at a few tuners, but most can't remap the later ECU's on the A6, so APR seems the way to go.

I'm expecting that that will dial things up from 300PS* to around 350PS-375PS.

*I'm pretty sure that even though mines on a SIMOS 8.5 ECU, that it is only 300PS, not the 310PS version that was out around the same time.

Is there anything else I should be considering? Filters? Intake pipe? Coolant system?

I'm not going to track it (another car in the pipeline for that!), so I think the coolant system is overkill and I still want it very discreet (no induction drone on the motorway and needs to be fairly discreet when I'm driving the family around)... it is the family wagon after all ;)



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Hi Bahnstormer

Just speaking with a guy on another forum who has the S5. he's going to do the Revo remap and the supercharger pulley which will increase it by around 120-140 bhp overall.

he's due in on the 24th if you want to know how it goes? pretty sure Revo do the map for yours too, which takes it to around 380 bhp and the pulley which could make it 420ish.
I've just had a look and it looks like Revo do a remap for mine now too... which bring some MUCH closer to home dealers into play!!