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Evening all

Looking into remapping my 3.0TDi B8 Avant in not too distant future all being well, so just looking into recommended tuners for this engine.
I'm based in Dronfield, Derbyshire, so logic would dictate JBS as the nearest and most well known tuner, but theres a few other guys locally who are recommended on the local VAG pages who have good reviews but don't have the more national reputation like JBS.

Carlton Tuning is one that keeps popping up at the moment, with a mobile map and carbon clean for £130 which just seems too good to be true. They also do a map at their premises for £100 or £150 with a 2wd dyno run (no good for my quattro). I can't find any real negative reviews that say avoid at all cost.

Last year this A4 cost me double the maximum I have ever bought a car for previously, so I'm somewhat anxious about who I get a map from.

Do I spend more with a JBS, Darkside or A N Other well known tuning company or take what to me feels like a gamble on a company I don't know too much about but have good reviews?

Would love to get people's thoughts on this.

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I have a quote for 300€ from one of the local tuners. I hope I'll manage to get it there sooner than later to solve the egr/dpf issues for good.


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Anything below £160 stay away from, it will most likely be eBay bought files used or very badly written files done in a cracked version of ECM titanium. Or more importantly if something goes wrong during the process of flashing the ECU, you'll be left to sort it as the "tuner" will disappear!

anything above that and you should be safe, as a general rule, they will probably be a dealer for a company like quantum, elite, black code etc. There's loads of different companies but the files are normally decent quality and will make power safely. But just ask where they get files from and check out that company.

And then obviously there's the more specialist companies who will take a bit more care, and know more about those specific engines and charge a bit more. If you've got the spare money anyway, or are maybe looking at adding mods later and will want it retuned then this may be the best way to go. But in the end on a standard engine they won't get much if any more power out of it than the larger companies above.

Hope that's helps.

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who have you decided on?

I haven't managed to get this done yet, and maybe won't even this year given the current climate now, but I will probably go for JBS in Chesterfield in all honesty. I'm only after a Stage 1 and as much as I would love to, won't be going any further than that. With them being well known and local to me its the most appealing option all together.