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3.0tdi please help..!!!

Leighspain1975 Jun 15, 2019

  1. Leighspain1975

    Leighspain1975 Member

    Hi All

    Just need some clarification on EGT sensors for a 3.0tdi CDUC engine.

    Vag reads the following when engine cold.

    Sensor 1 - 32c
    Sensor 2 - 222c
    Sensor 3 - 31c
    Sensor 4 - 32c

    Sensor voltage 1 - 930mv
    Sensor voltage 2 - 0mv
    Sensor voltage 3 - 930mv
    Sensor voltage 4 - 930mv

    So this would dictate that I have a problem with sensor 2 only problem is where is it ?.

    Sensor 1 Pre Turbo
    Sensor 2 ?
    Sensor 3 pre Cat Dpf
    Sensor 4 post Cat Dpf

    I tried the Egr temp sensor but didn’t change anything on vag but did give an error code when disconnected.

    Is sensor 2 just a vacant slot so to speak ?.

    Any help would be great

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