3.0tdi fuel pump belt snapped

What a rubbish day,
Car stopped dead on way to work this morning. I abandoned the Audi and walked to work. All day I've been pondering about the problem. Left work early and plugged the beached beast in but showed nothing. When turning the engine over the fuel pump pulley didn't turn so looks like a broken drive belt for the fuel pump.
Any easy methods to replace it please?


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I imagine as it's common rail that the belt is easy to replace and no timing is neccessary. It should be a case of removing the cover and replacing the belt and tensioners.
It's the lack of access. I think it's a front end off job or service position?
I was hoping someone knew an easier way.


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I like to make things hard for myself so I'd leave front end on if possible lol. If you remove the fan and cowling does that give enough room for access?

Paul battams

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Remove top air intake pipe 14/15 bolts and a couple of fuel pipes that really opens it up remove front cover and voila your belt and tensioner is looking at you.

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Oh happy days, the Audi lives!
New belt and tensioner £120 inc labour. He only needed to remove the manifold to get enough access.


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That's a decent price. I had the inlet manifold off when i was weighing up the belt and tensioner on mine. That's why I thought it would be doable with the front end on.