3.0tdi CDUD coolant loss?


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Hi guys I'm going to post this in other forums aswell for a bit of exposure and explanation. On my A7 I noticed a few weeks ago my coolant level low. I topped it up and kept an eye on it. Just had to top it up again, max to min in about a week or two at best guess. So just been having a look round and on the right side of the engine bay as you look at it from the front., behind the turbo and under the egr coolant pipe I believe is where there is a leak. You can just about see it in the pics if they have loaded up and it's a brown puddle. Is there a common problem with the egr or coolant supply to them in that area that anyone knows of and can help me source the leak. Thanks people.


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the egr cooler actuator shaft is a known point that can leak slowly and needs a bit of a strip down to get to , im always expecting mine to go at somepoint but its never came


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Cheers fella I've read that thread and I'm currently have a garage look into my warranty that came with the car. I'm almost tempted to have a go myself in all fairness.