3.0 V6 Oil


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Yes... Another one of them :)

Right I'm about to do my first oil change and its been drinking oil like no tomorrow.

I've gone through 3 litres of 5w-30 castrol fully synthetic oil in as many months I've been searching round for a few days now and it seems like people are using 0w-30/5w-30/0w-40/5w-40
I just want to get this clear so the engine is well maintained
Currently at 144k and I would love to see it flick to 200k minimum also its an ASN chassis number.


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I switched to millers Nanodrive because my B8 S4 was using more oil than I expected (around 500ml every 1000 miles)

At first it was still consuming oil at a similar rate with the Millers,but after around 2,000 miles consumption has now stabilized .
In the last 600 or so miles she hasn't used a drop (fingers crossed)

http://www.opieoils.co.uk/p-88210-m...longlife-5w-30-full-synthetic-engine-oil.aspx is what I used .Oil will be changed every 9,000 miles/12mths


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