3.0 v6 oil leak from gearbox


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I have a A4 convertible 3.0 v6.
My car seemed to take time changing down gears but no bad sounds etc or warning messages on the dash and changes and drives fine in all gears, I have just done a 400mile round trip no issues.

Today I have just drove home after a 20mile trip and had smoke coming out the back.
There is loads of oil over the cats underneath ( this is what was causing the smoke)and oil on the underside of the gearbox.

Is this bad news? ( new gearbox) or just an oil seal?


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Sounds like rear diff seal. My father had his auto box recondition on his S8 and the garage hadn't seated the rear seal properly and it leaked onto the cats....the smoke screen was pretty bad and the smell! But luckily it didn't lose much oil ad the garage rectified the fault promptly.


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I have just got back from the garage and it looks like the oil leak is from where the control box bolts onto the gearbox.

They can not do it there any idea of cost?

also here is a photo:


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