3.0 v6 oil consumption


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Do any fellow 3.0 V6 drivers have any advice/ experience of oil consumption rates? My low oil level warning light came on at the weekend (shamefully I confess to not having checked the oil level for the last 6 months :ohmy: bad I know). I've only driven about 6000 miles in the last year, is that a "normal" level of oil use. Put in 1 litre of Mobil 1 0w-40 and I think it's fine now - although the dipstick is really hard to read!


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I've probably used about 1.5ltrs in the past year & a bit of owning the car and having done 12,000 miles now. Not a spec of oil anywhere on the engine so guessing the engine does use a little oil & the dealer hasnt mentioned anything when it was in with them a few months ago having the cats changed.


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Had the 3.0 V6 for about 12 months now and have covered 16,000 miles 2 x service oil changes and regular top up with Texaco Havoline Synthetic 5W-40. This is expensive but well worth it. Did a 1600 round trip to Chantonnay (France) with no fuss and little regard for fuel economy ...:icon_thumright:
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I also can see no sign of oil leakage, although I did think my tailpipes looked a bit on the black side after an 800mile round trip to the Lake District (which is when the low level light came on), again with a similar disregard for fuel economy. Spirited driving I think it's also called ;) Will keep an eye out on this but it sounds like a litre in 12months isn't unusual?


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I had to top mine up by half a litre when I first got it. Oil and filter change done 2k ago and no oil required since. I did do a search on this and other forums and oil consumption is by no means unusual - and a litre in 12 months is getting off lightly :)