3.0 TDI Xenon self-levelling sensor front


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Mar 20, 2014
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Thought I would post on this issue as it may help someone else.
I have a 2008 A4 B8 3.0TDI

A couple of weeks ago the self levelling warning light appeared on the DIS.
After plugging in my VAG-COM I found the error pointed to the front sensor.
I decided to remove it and check, I found it to be very stiff and resistant to moving.
This is the offending part.
1T0 907 503A

After calling my local Audi Dealer and finding the replacement part to be £120 I decided to look on eBay
The part from Audi actually includes the bracket and the connecting rod.
I found this part on eBay but was to fit another VAG model so the rod and bracket are wrong.
But the sensor part number is 1T0 907 503B

As you can see the sensor looks the same but the attaching ball for the connecting rod is on the wrong side of the arm.
As it was only £50 I ordered it.
After a bit of adjustment and fitting the ball from the old part all fitted back together and all works fine.
Les than half price! All is good.