3.0 tdi quattro S line 05 price


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been offered a saloon from a non franchised dealer, 9k, for £23k. i'm a bit confused as to what is standard on this, i didnt think alca, symphony, BOSE are standard, i thought they would be extras. The delaer seems to think that the car is more or less option free.

1. Has anyone bought a 'standard' 3L S line?
2. Is the price good? I have gathered that they are about £28 new
3. How many of these come up 2nd hand outside of the main 'stealer' network? Should i be more patient?

advice please


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Audi would want £26k-£27k. Quite a few of these come throught the Audi dealers but it's unusual to get nearly news from indies.

Bose isn't standard, nor is Symphony. Not sure about alcantara but again, I don't think so.

Re the Avant, depends whether you need/want one. If you need the easy access boot& space then go for it, if you don't....don't.

The A4 sline saloon is a nice car, suprisingly chuckable for something of it's size.


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Achievable discounts are in the 7-10% range, so a freebie of up to £2500 on a new one i guess.


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thanks for that eeef.

i didnt disclose too much about the avant, as i wanted to get that one really. It went for 24995 at amersham audi. with the following:

Phantom black 05 reg, 18k, demo +1
ammaretto brown volcana heated
Elec lumbar adjust
walnut trim

Not everyone's cup of tea i'm sure you'll agree, but an awesome car for that price, i make it out to be about 34.5k new a year ago.

Still undecided about the saloon, another went in the midlands this week with satnav/ leather for 24k. this dealer who has the one from the initial post will not give a millimetre on price.

I'm thinking about putting my bum into an A3 tdi DSG s line ( i know of a good deal on one of those- 2005 05, 1 owner, 20k for just over 16k) until an A4 comes up again with all the toys. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/beerchug.gif


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34k?.. The 3.0 tdi is about 27/28K plus options. Seems reasonable but not necessarilly a 'steal'.
IMO the 3.0tdi is a bit of a strange car given its price. Most people buy Tdi's because they do a lot of mileage and the economy over long distances is good. Not in the 3.0 tdi, MPG for this engine is in the 30's (same as a turbo petrol) and the car costs 4K more?.. dont get it really.
I think if you like oil burners the 2.0tdi probably takes some beating for value given its 500 mile range.

Would think carefully about buying a big engine diesel if it were me; they will not be as sought after as a nice specc'd 2.0tdi Q..

Just my opinion.


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thanks 911.

I have been looking for well over a month now. I certainly agree with your statement about a well specced tdi, but nearly all seems to be very basic, the pick of the bunch being a 05 plate with Bose, but not even alca for 17.5k (and in Akoya, i'm after one of the blacks or reds).

I would also certainly put myself into a car like yours (the fsiQ) if one came up at a steal. I'm hopefully still on course to get an RS4 at the end of the year, so its a sort of stop gap. I'm considering a DTM, but there's only 1 for sale privately at present, and is priced higher than main dealer's ones at 27.5k.
Its been 3 years since i had a TT, and have today been giving thought on buying a 3.2 that has come up at a respectable price. I only drive about 6-9k a year, so excessive mileage isn't an issue, I'm just a tight git and want a lot of car for my money and something that will lose me very little over 6 months. The TT mentioned is for sale at about book price, so it may be a good bet. drive for 6 months, then sell privately or trade in against the RS4.my head is full of possible ideas /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/froggie_red.gif


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Hmmm.. short term stop gap Audis are bad news!.. you will lose about 3-4k in my experience especially if you buy them and sell within 6 months.
I got 10% discount on my TFSi and there were a few in the system last time i looked.
Wouldnt bother with the dtm (if its a stop gap) they are more of a long termer given the special edition s line weighing in at 5k cheaper.
Wouldnt buy a TT at book price myself, you want to be buying behind book given orders for new TT's are being taken and you wont be able to give it away once they come out (especially the 3.2!).
Dont mean to offend TT owners (they are great) but the 3.2 is a bit overweight for its power and nose heavy. Choice TT is the Q sport or a 225 imo.

Good luck with it..