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3.0 tdi Pls fellas 2 mins, torque specs needed!

NiceblokeniceNfat Nov 21, 2018

  1. Ok I paid for Erwin just to get a few torque specs and my crappy broadband chose then to give me trouble!!! Can't keep paying £7ph for Erwin so thought I'd ask you guys again for a little help.

    2008 3.0 tdi ASB.. need torque specs for

    Both idler pulleys of the serpentine belt.
    The nut n bolt that hold the tie rod end onto steering rack.. (think it's a tty stretch bolt)
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  3. Anybody......someone with a workshop repair manual maybe...aaand a couple of mins spare time...that's all it is, come on fellas
  4. In case some one else needs specs in future
    Idler pulleys were both 23nm
    And tie rod end bolt 45nm, Bentley didn't add anything about an extra 1/4 turn which I was expecting.

    Thank you to me.. nice bloke, nice n fat :)

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