3.0 tdi missing between 1400 2000 revs


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as above ive got a 3.0tdi thats missing over 1400 revs till about 3000 then it continues to rev fine, ticks over spot on?

If you rev it right up from still it appears to rev up the range completely fine?

if you drive it its awful as you accelerate is misses like mad,

its had a new turbo which is working ok and the day after i was out driving when i heard a wierd crackly sound then it stalled completely, i coasted it into a layby checked some stuff (thought turbo may have eaten its self) but all looked fine and it restarted drove it home but just wont rev properly.

had code for crank sensor so ive replaced this to no avail, no other codes at all????

if you keep messing about reving it you eventually get the code again for crank sensor signal implausible

randomly which ive never noticed before on previous scans the right hand engine mount sensor is giving open circuit too, there on the same loom perhaps a rubbed wire??

swapped fuel filter for good measure, still same driving me mad.

heres a video

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Did you change the crank sensor with a genuine part? These are plug and play as far as i'm aware, although I was under the impression that if the ECU gets an implausible signal from either the crank sensor or cam sensor, it won't run / will cut out, depending on whether it was running in the first place. If you're still getting fault codes for it, the sensor itself or the wiring needs looking into. You could always check the box the ECU is in on the driver side near the driver's wiper arm, 3 star drive screws and the lids come away. If it's dry and looks untouched, then it's probably all good there on that end, and more likely a faulty sensor or faulty wiring.