3.0 tdi injectors tolerance's vcds


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well my 3.0 does that wierd smoking thing when stopped, i had convinced my self it was turbo but after very occasional missing i suspected bad fueling, sure enough you can smeel diesel in the fuel when its smoking.

got vcds on the car and injector 5 looks off to me,

which is cylinder 5 as you look at the car from the front with bonnet open!

alos anyone got latest part number, i did find someone who listed them but im struggling to find it again!!

cheers Joe


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well an update to this after lots of faffing and reading loads more stuff i got 2 used late code injectors off ebay,

tried one in which was the most out in my car with no difference at all, after reviewing the vcds data the injectors are all well within tolerances both the correcting and the 74-77 values.

then i came across a thread where some one had removed the material from their cats and suffering the same issue smoke on idle, more specifically both of them removed, this had recently been done which i believed was exaggerating an existing issue,

i got fed up and went back to basics so when it was smoking i removed the wire from each injector at a time (to eliminate the faulty one if one did exist but could not be detected through vcds ) no difference at all, literally none. this got me thinking the car is over fuelling all the injectors , why would it do this... because the reading on the lambda pre cat is wrong, as there is no cat.

Just unplugged the lambda it and the smoking has stopped...

i was so close to buying a set of injectors glad i perused with it now!

hopefully this will save someone alot of head scratching in the future!