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Q7 3.0 tdi coolant leak (egr cooler location)

j4g3d Nov 8, 2018

  1. j4g3d

    j4g3d Member

    I have the awful 3.0 tdi lump found in Q7 / TOUAREG / CAYENNE
    2012 model.

    I have just been working on it today as im losing coolant. I saw pink residue at the bottom lip of the water pump, so today I replaced the water pump + V belt.

    Unfortunately the car is still leaking. Upon looking at the top of the engine I can see a pool of coolant sitting at the top of the engine.

    Which points to a EGR cooler problem.

    Looks like a right headache of a job, So I think I will have to get someone to do it.

    But has anyone else seen this problem before? Google says its common but its hard to find where it normally fails. Also what price am i looking at roughly for labour?

    If its th egr cooler i plan to buy a used one for £100. So its not too bad. I will sell the car after 3 months anyway, so no point spending £900 for a new one.
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  3. Daniel1512

    Daniel1512 Member

    you can speak to Gad tuning and they can remove it from the car and blank it off and clear it from the ecu so it doesn't come back for about £400
    i found out to late that this can be done when i replaced my egr valve and cooler £1200 later

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