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3.0 Tdi Avant front brake ‘mild’ upgrade time

gary_a4_quattro Sep 2, 2018

  1. gary_a4_quattro

    gary_a4_quattro Registered User

    Good morning......

    Time to do the front brakes as discs quite lipped and pads around 70% worn.

    Was looking to carry out a mild upgrade at the same time along the line of going from the factory 320 mm dia. disc to 345 mm dia. S4 disc with Red Stuff pads ( doing a fluid change at the same time ) . My understanding is the calipers are the same, it’s just the calliper brackets are different.

    From what I can find out hunting around the net, the 345 mm compatible brackets for the TRW caliper are part no. 8T0615125 and 8T0615126 , which correspond to TRW part no. BDA 978 and BDA 979 ? Have seen these for around £75 - £80 piece on eBay - haven’t investigated other sources yet.

    Have also seen this part number mentioned TRW BDA 1124 , but unsure as to accuracy at this point in time.

    Wondering if anyone has gone this route and could offer any advice ? As always, all thoughts and inputs greatly appreciated and also which brake fluid to go with ?

    Will post up outcome when complete.

    Cheers, Gary
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  3. Ginge247

    Ginge247 Registered User

    I did this on my A5 Quattro. It was an 08 plate so I used the BDA 978 & 979 caliper carriers. I bought them new off eBay from a German supplier. I also used the redstuff pads with some pagid discs from eurocarparts. Worked great and no issues fitting them

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  4. tech838

    tech838 Registered User

    I'm also really interested in this as it seems a relatively cheap way of getting some extra stopping power if you're already changing discs and pads.

    Do you just order brake discs and pads for an S4 after fitting these?
  5. gary_a4_quattro

    gary_a4_quattro Registered User

    Cheers @Ginge247 for the feedback. Good to hear it’s a worthwhile upgrade.

    @tech838 ......to the best of my knowledge and understanding, yes - as long as you have a car running the TRW 320 mm dia. brakes up front. ( 3.0 tdi Quattro and I think 2.0 Tfsi Quattro, but check first !!
    Believe the calipers to be the same, just the carrier brackets different.
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