3.0 TDI A6 leaking oil from turbo


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Hi all,

My 2007 C6 A6 3.0 TDI has started weeping some oil. It looks to be coming from the air intake pipe that enters the turbo. There's a mist of oil on the turbo and surrounding area and on the silver pipe below. Can anyone offer any advice on what's needed to rectify this? Is it likely to be a seal? There's a small pipe coming from the air inlet pipe (can be seen in the picture below - has a woven type sleeve on it). It exits/enters the air inlet pipe on the left side of the air inlet pipe as it enters the turbo. What is this pipe called and what is its purpose?

Has anyone had the same problem? What sort of money did it take to fix?

Thanks in advance you helpful people!



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This pipe is the crankcase breather hose to the turbo inlet.

Clean it with brake cleaner. This is “normal” thing .

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It has only recently started leaking and is leaking quite a big oil. I've had to top up twice within the past 750 miles and there's occasionally oil on the drive in the morning.

Will replacing the crankcase breather likely resolve the problem?

Thanks for the reply mate.


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If i were you,i’d try to tighten the crancase pipe to the turbo inlet with a cable ziptie.

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It's better if you fix the issue, that oil also ends up in the inlet manifold clogging everything up and the also mixes with the soot from the EGR system, and creates a proper mess.