3.0 Quattro "knocking"

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Feb 3, 2008
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Got a call from the wife tonight, our 2005 3.0tdi Quattro suddenly started knocking after pulling into our village.

I managed to drive it the half mile back to our house but didnt want to go over 10mph as it sounded horrific!

While driving along, it appears to knock approx once every tyre revolution, or approx two kerbstone lengths.

Once home I jacked up the nearside rear wheel(where it sounds like the noise was mostly coming from) and tried spinning it with car started in neutral(its tip/auto). The wheel seems to be free and no knocking. Even breifly tried it in drive and the wheel spun without noise.

Main thing is, has anyone any idea what this is, and will it be safe to drive to our usual garage?

Any info/experiences would be appreciated as getting a bit panicky!

Cheers, Pete.
I would get it towed..could be anything. Quattro very complex, could be gearbox, drive shaft..tow it to be safe.
Sure, and cheers for the reply. TBH I darent drive it anywhere so it will need to be trailered.

As for best way forward, is it best for main stealer or type of thing a good town garage could look into?
Many years ago I remember something very similar happening to my Dad's Rover. Turned out the problem was that the tyre tread had started to separate from the carcass, so as we drove along the lose piece was flapping and making a noise. However by chance every time we stopped the lose piece was not visible - Very frustrating at the time. Worth a check.
defo not main dealer unless you are loaded!! look into a local specialist...what part of UK are U in?
Cheers for your input guys, but all has been resolved. Much to my relief I must add!

As Elan has commented, it was a tyre problem, but the car had a huge bolt embedded in the nearside rear tyre, and as the car is on run-flats, it appeared ok from the outer edge!

The lads from our regular garage came out to our house, the wife chatted to them in "that way", and when she asked what the charge was, the reply was "buy us a drink sometime"!

As it turns out the garage owner wants some logs, and as Im a tree surgeon, it sounds like a fair deal for me to donate some.

Feeling very relieved tonight, all but the price of a new tyre and a few logs we are sorted.

Thanks again for your time though,

run flats...weird. I thought that was not an option,...do you not have a spare then??
Yeh, thats why I overlooked it initially. The spare is a full size too.

The bolt was so big it has hit the rim and only just below the surface of the tread, hence the agressive noise while rolling.

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