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3.0 Ltr S-Tronic - Flywheel Rattle on 2nd flywheel

derbyguy Mar 19, 2018

  1. derbyguy

    derbyguy Registered User

    Hi all,

    I posted a few days ago about a suspected timing chain rattle but been to a garage today who's written that idea off (thankfully) but is suggesting that it might be the flywheel.
    Please have a listen to this that I've recorded

    The sound only happens on start up when the engine is warmed up, hard to do on a really cold day at all. It all also is about 4 times more pronounced when in Drive. So it's at its worse on the auto Stop/Start function.

    Mechanic suggesting perhaps the flywheel but would be a big job to find out. Colleague of mine suggesting it might be the starter motor not disengaging correctly.

    Any thoughts welcome! Has anyone had the flywheel replaced on this engine/gearbox? If so what sort ot cost should I expect?

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  3. derbyguy

    derbyguy Registered User

    Forgot to clarify, the car has already had it's flywheel replaced at around 70k. It's now at 111k

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