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2nd Time In 1.8 QTS Question Time

scotta4180 Mar 28, 2020

  1. scotta4180

    scotta4180 New Member

    Taking delivery of a 1999 AJL 1.8 QTS Avant tonight. This will be my second. I owned one about eight years ago.

    The car has been enthusiast owned and had lots of maintenance carried out.

    Looking for some maintenance and performance tips. My wife will be using this as a daily so not looking to go mad just to add some more grunt.

    I've done a little digging/research and can see that I need to swap out the diverter valve. Is there any straight forward mods to add a little more drivability. I can spanner so not scared to take on some graft.

    I'm thinking straight forward maintenance to begin with and then collect some parts for the upgrading at a later date.

    Looking for a safe 250 BHP. From my reading a turbo and intercooler upgrade are required. Any advice/tips are welcome. If anyone is selling upgrading parts drop me a message.
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  3. CJW999

    CJW999 New Member

    Sounds like a great buy, I just missed out on a 1.8TQS Avant on eBay it looked lovely.

    Hope everything goes well with yours I'm on the hunt for one
  4. Steve b5 quattro

    Steve b5 quattro New Member

    I'd like to know more too, currently just have a fmic on my tqs but I'm fairly happy with the power for now. I was offered a k04 recently but turned it down because the gains would be minimal. I've read here somewhere that the tfsi k03 turbo is a better option, but a manifold would need to get custom made to mount it

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