2nd Post...the Saga...Allroad A6 2.5 TDI 180 51 Reg


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Well after an hour at Audi it will need 2 more so £306 and will ring Monday....so so P'd off.....and still no garantee that they will be able to say exactly whats wrong...3 hrs for audi to diag an audi!!

Its going from bad to worse...
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You guessed it..they are still no wiser and I had to chase them 3 times today just to get to speak to someone for an update!!
Answer...The brand new pump that was working the day I dropped it off is not working...reasons...
Direct feed to pump, does not work...if a feed is put at the front of the car its not seen at the rear....relay also appears faulty, fuses are all ok!!
We need more time!!!!!!! :sign_omg:3 hrs for that????
Well one the pump was working you can hear it (they are saying it is dead and not just that its not generating anough pooof) the car was going up and down just all lob sided...I recon its the control module, but I'm not a trained Audi machanic so what do I know right?
So told them just to give a report so far and what is involved in getting to the problem but not to continue.
OK they say will ring you later...well its 9:45pm and as yet not had a phone call and pretty sure they don't work through the night!!
So will be ringing Headquarters in Milton Keynes in the morning to complain about them too...they had the car from Friday Morning 9am!!!
Bet if they lent me a car they would have rang me back...completely useless...and now I really do regret buying an Audi!!

My Merc S500LWB (previous car) went to Merc Main dealer, £160 for diag and a free health check (like an MOT) with full print out!! You need a SRS rear module (reason air bag light was on) re-gas air con (light was on) and the print out showed all sorts…tread depth on tyres, brakes, the usual you’d expect from and MOT…even had a problem after they fixed the air con later, they fixed for free!!
Lent me a car and the service was as if it was a Bentley....!
Although I've owned an M Class too and that was the only reason I did not get another and the Audi, I wish I had.

FFS, what is going on with this countries Garages and service??

We are becomming more and more like USA and the suing colcher...

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Right they got to the bottom of it after 5 Hrs...I only autherised 3 hrs...
Car currently in bits and they done a report...but I can not pick up the car...
Why, coz its in bits and they want another 1 hr to put it back together!!

So, they are storing it free of charge for 10 days...while I see what response I get from the garage I bought it off and if we end up going to court...



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A wiring fault to the Pump, the pump (brand new BTW) tempory seized now free'd (Bull if you ask me)
Actual fault is the Control Module as I though all along (Box next to the pump with the 6 Pipes comming off...

£215 for the Module....which on the face of thing I though was quiet reasonable...so inc the 3 hrs so far a shy over £900 job done.


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Sounds like you've had a right nightmare! What's the score now SMCC to recover your losses? Or are they denying responsibility? I think if they don't turn up to the hearing it'll be awarded in your favour anyway, so here's hoping.


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Cheque in post....they coughed up...well we'll see. Autherised the work but they have no Loan car not a prob if its done for Monday, which they think it will.
Then just the leaking injectors to sort...at my expence...either bleed off pipes or the seals? (engine runs fine, so hope it doesn't need two injectors)


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Well just when you thought it could not get any worse....the timing belt "it seems" has snapped today...
Freggin hope they cover it under the RAC Warranty....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IT got full AUDI history....pardon my ignorance but I assume on the 88k service the timing belt would have been done thus not being due to 160k as although I asked for it to be done again when the Injection pump was done I have no record of it.
Just if RAC refuse I'll end up scrapping it!!!
I will as soon as I can offord to, change it for a Reliant Robin....got to keep my humour!!!
I have lost all faith in it.....I've owned many many more cars than the adverage fella my age for sure and this really does go down in history as the worse car I EVER bought.
I wish I'd kept my 1986 Porsche 911 3.0 SC (my favorite all time car that I've owned, no. 2 of 2), it was mint for its age and only sold due to the arrival of our twins, should have just "crammed" them in the back!!!!

Anyway, tomorrow we shall see what is said...if need be I guess I'll have to go to Audi and get a print out of the History just to be sure.

**EDIT** it has full stamped Audi History in the Service book, but it does not say much, thats my point if not clear sorry. There are a few aditional booklets with AUDI sheets in showing other work but not that show the timing belt.
Hope that makes sence.....
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OK may not be as bad as they 1st thought...it seems there is "even compression" on turnover so Timimg belt "may not" have snapped and it may just be the Injection pump belt. Garage is stripping the front end OFF the car in the morning so should know more by lunch or shortly after.
Lets hope is is just the IP Belt and if so I'll get the timing belt water pump, tensioners pullys etc done at same time (what the garage I bought it off should have had done when the IP was done)!!!
Keep you posted....
Any other jobs worth doing while the front end is off????


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It turns out that a Second hand Injection pump was fitted and the tensioner to that has snapped;CAM BELT STILL INTACT!!!
So, I'm having everything done that needs the front of the car off...regardless of if its been done or not..
All pullys, tensioners and Belts, WaterPump etc...ALL PARTS FROM AUDI STEALERS.
Lets just hope I get more than a few weeks out of it this time before somthing else goes!!!
Keep you posted.


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I have not had to pay for anything so far...however the Garage and I (who I bought off) have parted ways due to the threat of court.
As for warranty...there is a claim limit and only find out on Monday although I already gat the garage who currently have it to crack on.
Rac Inspected it already.
Finger's x'd


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Well not all bad I spoze, £1400 and RAC to pay £350...but at least its running and had "everything" done that needs the front end off!!

Just hope it gives me some motoring now without any other issues!!!!!