2nd Dealership Meet 2015 Heads up


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Hi Guys & Girls
After the success of the meet at Bury St Edmunds back in July the powers that be have been again working away on our behalf and a meeting at Kings Lynn Audi will hopefully take place some time in October.
So if you were unable to attend that one please feel free to join in with this one and if you came back in July
it would be nice to see you all again.
Dates and times are still to be arranged with the dealership and again just like with Bury Audi a selection of car will be made available for us to drive,this of course is at the dealerships discretion and rules.
As always we will keep you posted.


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The only day we can't do in October is sat the 10th


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Hey guys just wondering if there is any update on dates:racer:


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Evening Guys. Some news for you all. Was in touch with Kings Lynn and looking to do a meet in October once the new registrations are over with also we will be going to Ipswich Audi, that will be November when the dealership renovations are complete. :) x