2nd AVS service


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Well it looks like my car is going to be due this soon. What price has everyone paid for this from a main dealer?

Given that the car has only done 22k miles instead of the assumed 40k, are there any items (haldex and brake fluid aside) that wont need replacing that would normally need doing at the higher mileage. i.e. spark plugs. I dont really want to pay for stuff thats not necessary and i cant really see the dealers pointing this out to me :)

Thanks guys


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I had my second AVS in November 2005 at 35,400 miles.

Tonbridge Audi charged £400.
You get a choice, just get an AVS 1 and add on the extra work that you want, brake fluid, haldex oil, filter, air filter etc etc

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millsyd said:
i payed £509 that was my full service plus haldex with a loan car.

Sounds about right including the haldex oil/filter, loan car is standard practise.


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How much should I be paying for the 1st AVS service? I've decided to go for the 1st one because the cars only done 22k miles even though it's coming up to its 4th birthday.

The best price i've got so far is £360 from Docklands Audi - is this the best i'm gonna get from a London dealer?

I'm gonna get the Haldex oil and brake fluid done by my local independent Mastertechs - £100 for both which isn't too bad considering Audi are wanting £170!

p.s. do the loan cars from audi cost anything, or is it just a case of waiting for when it's available?