2nd 50% off clearance sale; Menzerna goodies!


Polished Bliss
Following on from our recent clearance sale, here is round two, this time with 50% off of a range of Menzerna products...


Happy bargain hunting! Also, if you take a look around the store, you will find a small number of price increases on some US lines (reflecting the further fall of the pound against the dollar over the last month), but also numerous price cuts, reflecting our securing of better wholesale rates on some key products, particularly in the 3M range.



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Polished Bliss
End of the US sourced line I'm afraid... the Blackfire range now outperforms all of the products, so with the exception of the two polishes (IP & FPII, ace for soft paints) it is all going. However, the Menzerna Gmbh line of professional polishes that we recommend for hard paints is firmly staying put, although 106FA is going to be replaced with PO203S, which is a better one step product. :icon_thumright: