Tuning a 163bhp 1.8t quattro


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Oct 27, 2006
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Been looking around some of the tuning company websites at remaps for my 1.8TSport, got a quick question, why is it only possible to get around 185bhp out of the 163bhp standard car yet for the same cash it is possible to achieve around 212bhp with the 150bhp and 190bhp standard cars?:uhm:

its not, its the same remap for any specific turbo, non vvt cable throttle engine.
KO3 will not see as much as a KO3s when properly tuned but the generic remaps are the same for any engine from 150bhp-180bhp.
if it is not go somewhere else.
Thanks for the reply JCB, how do i find out which turbo is fitted to my car? are these generic ie 163bhp has a specific turbo and the 150bhp car is a detuned version of the 190bhp but still has the same turbo unit?

The reason I ask this is I was looking at star performance's web site (who I am told have a good rep) and the power figures they quote for remaps are as follows:

1.8T Std bhp..... mod'd bhp
.......150/180 ........210
.........163............ 190
.........190............ 217

Obviously these are approx, but is the 20bhp difference between the 163 and 190 due to a different turbo? Sorry for all the q's :think:

what year and engine code? could be turbo and engine spec. small port head vs large port head, VVT, BBW etc etc

only turbos were k03, KO3s (slightly bigger compressor IIRC) and Ko4 (used on 225 TT's), they all run very low boost around 9psi
, different maps in various golfs, audi, skodas and seats. to make matters worse, VVT and DBW engines are all slightly different. Most tuners claim that cable throttle engines tune to a higher level bhp, what they really mean is they are easier to remap.
A proper tuner with a VVT and DBW engine will get a lot more out of it. (speak to Minhea at MRC if you want an education on that!).

You should look around all teh Revo and assorted remappers to get an idea of what is on the market, do your homework and speak to people who have actually had a remap done to their car (not seat of pants testing in a mates passenger seat!).
Most of these maps are just a reflash of the ECU with an existing map they have created based on your model car, if you have any mods like FMIC/Exhaust etc then the map won't be working to its maximum as they are based on stock cars normally.
They seldom include any rolling road time to spot any flat spots or issues post install, if you have any problems you can take it back and if not entirely happy they can remove it. just make sure you are left with what you had before!
Cheers Bud :thumbsup: My car is a 2003 1.8T Sport quattro with a BFB engine code, think if Im going to go ahead with this I may go with the option of the box that plugs into the obd port and its just a case of pressing the button to get it back to the standard map, my impreza had a piggy back ecu and I liked the idea of just putting in a small connector if i felt like running it back on low boost (which it did most of the time)

If you look at Oettinger's website, you will see pretty comprehensive details for the individual engine codes and what's available for the different engines.


For your engine they would lift the power to 195 Bhp

See: http://www.oettinger.de/navi_e.php?motor_id=104

Which incidently is the same for the 150 AVJ / AWT engine.

In my opinion and it is only my opinion (before others shoot me down) I'd prefer to get a conversion which is specifically matched to your original engine configuration and has been through the rigers of TuF testing which the companies such as ABT, Oettinger and MTM have to do to sell in Germany. This development work costs money, so they are never going to be the cheapest in the country. Where as most of these plug in power modules are only interfering with the ECU's signals to modify the fueling and boost settings - not the most reliable. My last A6 had an Oettinger conversion done and when I sold it at 145K it was still going strong, similarly my current A4 has done 40K on an RSD supplied conversion from new without any problems.

If you're interested all of my work has been done by Danny at RSD and I can't praise him highly enough - not the cheapest, but then again you get what you pay for.

RSD link: http://www.rsdcars-uk.co.uk

Good luck with what ever you do