Servicing in London (preferably north London)?


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Sep 21, 2016
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Hi Gals and Guys,

It appears that my 2005 2.0 S-Line Sportback that I've had the pleasure of owning for the last few months is up for service, well at least the service light has gone up! The previous owner (bless him) had the car serviced in a Audi authorized centre from the beginning and it seems that it was on a fixed service schedule - the last three services were at 38, 48 and 64 thousand miles. The car is currently on 70 thousand miles.

Given the age and mileage of the car, I was hoping to avoid Audi and save some by going to an independent specialist/garage.
Having searched around it seems Audi VW Specialist Centre in Harrow ( comes highly recommended. The catch? Their prices sadly are almost as good as Audi's themselves.

Are there any good garages that you'd recommend? Also, the car has a badly scratched front bumper and a few scratches elsewhere in the body (I used G3 to remove some minor ones), what would be a good place to get some body work done at a reasonable price too please?

Many thanks.