Rear Wash Wipe Leak


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Oct 31, 2016
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Somewhere in deepest darkest Hertfordshire...

Hi all, noticed I am getting a stain on the headlining in the back right corner. I'm guess in the pipe has split for the rear wash wipe.

Just wondering how you remove the head lining in this area to access it - does the centre cover just pull off?

Cheers, Mark
hello mate, yep, the middle panel just pulls off but that's as far as i've ever got i'm afraid the rest looked a nightmare lol
from what i remember mate i think it a 5mm i/d hose but dont quote me on that lol
Hi, does anyone know how the trim around the rear screen comes off? I got the main boot cover off by following a video on Youtube but they don't show the trim around the glass comes off? There was a video of a couple of yanks doing similar on an A6 but they were using mallets and managed to break off all the clips!!!

Cheers, Mark
Hi Martin, thanks for that. Managed to get all the trim off (eventually!) and then struggled getting the new pipe through the flexi hose for a few hours, but all done now.
And it isn't a 5mm Hose, it's a 3mm. I managed to swage the ends of the hose using some screwdrivers and then used heatshrink to create a permanent seal.

Thanks for all the help!

Cheers, Mark
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