picked up new A3


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Oct 8, 2006
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Got my new A3 yesterday a 2.0 T FSI Q SLine Spe. Ed. Phantom Black, Bose, Ipod, Heated Seat.

Very please with it so far just come from a TT 3.2 DSG, and the speed difference in hardly noticable, can realy tell that the front end is lighter without the V6 lump upfront, but i think it may take a while to get used to the servotronic(is that right) stearing as i do prefer a heavy stearing feel.

Its got P Zero for the rubber what do poeple think of them, my last set of tyers where michalins noisy but lasted for ever.

Also has the Haldex AWD been revised since 04 plates i heard that they where now balenced 60/40 but is that only on the S and RS models or is it the Torsen AWD??

Thanks Skooby
Regards the steering, surely that's the same regardless of which model you have?

As for the Haldex, no it sends all of the power to the front wheels until it detects slippage, only then sending power to the rears.
the TT's stearing was much heaver perhaps the new models have the same stearing as the A3 or all the models but from my old (04) TT to the A3 there is a difference.

skooby said:
.... i think it may take a while to get used to the servotronic(is that right) stearing as i do prefer a heavy stearing feel.....

I have also found the steering to be lighter on my 2.0T compared to my previous 2.0TDI, presumably because the engine is lighter. However, it is more precise, without the 'deadband' around the straight ahead postion, which the old car had.
Sorry, my bad, didn't spot the TT bit, thought you were coming from a 3.2 A3.

If you can find a friendly dealer or someone with a VAG-COM I believe the steering assistance can be turned down.
TT did not have servotronic steering.

Having had 4 TTs, including two 3.2s, I much prefer the servotronic.

Nice and light at slow speeds but reassuringly heavy whilst doing the ton.
Oh missed your question on the tyres - I had the zero's fitted on mine when I collected it. They where fine in the dry but I didn't rate them very highley in the wet. Plus they only laster 12K miles. But mine is FWD and a diesel.

12K for a set of tyers!!! my last set were michalins and i only change three in 46K but they were noisy

may try and get the servotronic turned down.

OK ill try and get some done today and post them..if the weather stays nice ...no point in the rain though.

My wife will think im so sad though....opps she already does lol

Car sounds good Skooby.

Could you do us a favour and please pop your bonnet and tell me what level the coolant is at when the engine is cold? Is it almost at the Max, at the Max or half way between Min and Max. Curious to know what level they have from the factory when cold. Cheers mate.

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