Drivers door ambient lighting


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Aug 21, 2012
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the ambient lighting in the drivers door, along the silver trim, doesn't work. Before I go to the trouble of stripping the door, what is it most likely to be? Just a popped bulb? If so what bulb is used?

2006 3.0 TDi
Scan the car with vcds to see if there are any fault codes first.
Is there a recognised fault that VCDS is likely to show up? It's £20 and my time to get that done so it has to be worthwhile. If it does show a fault is the fix going to be expensive?
Can't tell what VCDS will show but if there is a fault it will tell you.

Couldn't tell you cost until you know what he fault code is.
Why don't you take the silver trim off and check with the multimeter if there is power going to the bulb.
If there is voltage, check the bulb. If not, get it scanned with VCDS.
I don't think you need to strip the door card off to get access to it.