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Mar 15, 2006
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i have the audi link for my ipod in the car but all it does is charge the ipod, i didnt have a changer in the car but my head unit is the concert and has the slot for the changer.
any ideas how i can get the ipod to come through head unit?
I don't know much about the concert headunit as mine came with a jvc, but if the concert have RCA's on the back of them you could of use them with a 3.5mm jack to RCA lead.
I use a mini disc player with a cassette adapter in my works van. Maybe you could try that?
what do you mean by 'audi link' .....wasnt aware there was such a thing.
as far as i am aware you need the dension ice link, which connects into the changer port on the HU
no audi make a ipod link you lose your changer by pluging it in and my unit is a cd unit. audi make the kit for £100 inc vat which looks a good kit but doesnt have a cradle for you ipod to sit in just the plug at the bottom.
I have a denison Ice link for an iPod mini for sale - £50:eyebrows:
Hey bud,
The Audi ipod kit's are NOT compatable with the concert/symphony stereo systems.
They are only compatable with the 2003> cars with Concert II/ Symphony II etc stereo's.
If yours is the right stereo fitting is simple, you just need to remove the cd changer plug from the back of the stereo and plug in the one from the ipod kit, Dont forget to connect the brown earth wire!

i was told by audi that it would work and i had the wired plus whicch had the lugs that needed to be pushed into the mini iso loom.
You want a Denson ice. They hard link the ipod to you cencert head unit via the cd changer plug on the back. Which it will have!
You can control the ipod from you car sterio, unfortunitly you dont get the track names displayed, but it works well. Mine is great.
just make sure you get the hard wired one not the radio tuned rubbish one
millsyd said:
i was told by audi that it would work and i had the wired plus whicch had the lugs that needed to be pushed into the mini iso loom.

I was told the same by a Guy at Audi. On the Concert stereo with a CD changer the CD changer wires need to be removed from the terminal at the rear of the stereo (there's about 10 wires IIRC) and the wires for the Ipod need to be pushed in their place (comes with instructions as to what wires go where)

I done this.... nothing
checked.... nothing
double checked..... nothing
Put the car into local Audi dealer.... and paid £75 for them to tell me its not compatable with my stereo.

Conceded in the end that the Ipod link is not compatable with the Generation 1 concert stereo's. Phone any dealer and they will confirm this.

Return it to whoever sold it to you and buy the denison ice link that definately works.

I have just sold an Connects2 Ipod link.That only worked when you had playlist setup on your Ipod. Have you set playlist up on your ipod?
thank you for everyones input ive deleted my playlist and re doing them, i will try that and tripple check the connections.
thank you once again.
ive checked every thing twice over and nothing so 2m im going to speak to audi do you think you have to turn the connection on for the ipod/cd changer port to work?

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