A4 2.8 Quattro pricing advice for a newbie please!


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Oct 16, 2003
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I'm hoping that some experienced Audi drivers can help me out here... I'm looking to buy an A4 2.8 Quattro from a friend (75k miles, R98 reg, auto, leather, BOSE, all other extras etc) and he'll take 8k for it.

However, upon consulting another friend who runs a local dealership (and armed with a copy of Glass's guide) he informed me that £7,500 was the top retail price and £5,500 was the going trade rate. I'm very interested to know what other A4 drivers think.... Good price? Tad steep?
Seems about right. Glass's guide is b*llocks when looking at Audi's, they don't seem to take into account that you always have to pay over the odds with the popular specs. For example, they still reckon you can get a 2000 S3 in average condition for £12.5k. The cheapest one on Autotrader is £14.5k. They reckon my 2.8Q is only worth £3k (I paid £19k for it 4 years ago) but I doubt very much if you buy one for that. You will pay the top price in their book for a popular loaded model in a decent colour. As long as you're not paying more than the top book price then it's not a rip off. There are no bargain Audi's, unless they're a bit moody.
Thanks Andy, much appreciated. The good news is I've got it down to £7,600 which I'm happy with. The caveat being that it needs four new tyres that I'll have to fork out for... you (or anyone else) got a rough figure of what that'll set me back?
Obviously depends what you go for, but you should be able to get Goodyears, Pirelli's or Toyo's for about £85 a corner on the standard 16" rims. If you're feeling flush you good opt for 18" RS4 replica wheels & tyres for around £820. You can sell the originals on ebay for around £300. This is what I did, so the wheels actually only cost me £45 each, as I needed a set of tyres anyway.