A3 8P Brakes 1.4


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Apr 8, 2015
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Hi all.

Im going for a stage 2 map soon with my local tuners and he said with an intake and exhuast ill be touching 170 and might want a brake upgrade. Even tho its not massive power but i still want to upgrade.

I was thinking S3 brakes as they are that bit bigger than my standards. Anyone else have any ideas for brake upgrades??


My car has standard OE BHP of 170 and has OE discs 312mm (vented) front and 255mm (solid) rear. They feel nice and sharp. This may give you some starting point to consider. Brembo do an "Xtra" high carbon, drilled brake disc option for the front (312mm) at £63 each - www.carparts4less.co.uk
Thank you for your input!

I first want to upgrade the calipers and see what would be best. I then want to go for pads and discs.

Im hoping someone can confirm that the S3 Callipers will fit the 1.4 TFSI?
you can also adjust brake boost and brake assist levels with vcds , will make the brakes much keener