Self Levelling Lights

Wroot Rhino

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Oct 5, 2016
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Near Doncaster
I turn on the ignition. The lights come on, the beam goes up, comes down then goes up again. It seems very high, lighting up the signposts from miles away. Full beam would land star ships. Any ideas how I can correct this. Probably coincidence but I hit a pheasant on the motorway and only noticed this problem afterwards.

Sounds like one of the level sensors has been damaged by the hit from the Pheasant. There are sensors front and back that provide information on the height of the car so the headlights can be adjusted to the level.
You need to get the wheels off and check the sensor and it's linkage are still connected and undamaged.
There is some info here for an A5 which is much the same as the A4. If a new sensor is required it may need calibrating which needs to be done with VCDS