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Apr 15, 2012
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NTH Lincolnshire
Is it possible to run the supercharged V6 pulley upgrade without a remap.
The reason why I ask is because , it looks like I need a new water pump, and while the charger and belt are off the engine, I thought it would be a good time to change.
I'm not ready for the full fat remap and pulley. I've only had the car 2 weeks. Plus the wife is insured to drive it and I don't want to put her off.
I'm not 100% sure but I don't believe there would be any benefit. One of the main purposes of a remap is to change the threshold at which the bypass valve opens in order to allow a higher boost pressure. With the OEM map a smaller pulley would allow the supercharger to increase the boost, but it would all be bled away through the bypass valve. The only thing I'm not sure about is if there would be any benefit at lower revs, when the bypass valve is closed.
It's not an S4.
It's an A6 with the same, but slightly detuned V6 engine. With that in mind, when I do eventually get it mapped. It will be a bigger jump in performance.
I hope.
Just do it man, you got nothing to lose
Apart from an engine, a supercharger and a wife!!

I'm 99% sure I remember reading that you can do the pully without a tune, it won't do any harm, and will possibly increase your low down torque a little. The Ecuador will take care off boost levels, intake temps, timing etc