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Jul 1, 2016
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I have ordered the S-line Saloon with the sports suspension. some of the reviews I have read and feedback on these forums suggest the sports suspension can be quite hard, although I appreciate it is an improvement over previous models.

I am thinking about adding the adaptive sports suspension to retain the lower ride height, but maybe soften the ride, especially on some of the poorer roads before the order is locked down.

My question is does anyone have this fitted and is there a noticeable difference between the comfort and dynamic settings, is it worth the extra £ 600
Yes I have it an there is a noticeable difference. I normally have it in comfort which is very comfortable and absorbs the bumps well but is a bit imprecise when on windy roads. Dynamic is great for those but I find it a bit firm for everyday use. If you spend a lot of time on the motorway comfort is better but on B roads I would choose dynamic(Sline) if you chop between the two the adaptive is well worth the money.

Having said that dynamic is massively better than the standard on my previous B8.5 which was very firm and to be honest a bit uncomfortable, especially as a passenger.
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