Access to rear parking sensors


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Dec 1, 2013
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Hey guys.

Does anyone know how to access the rear parking sensors on these cars? Does the rear bumper have to be removed or no?

I got hit and run with very minor damage on the bumper but the far right sensor is slightly pushed in. I want to try to push it back out from the inside but can't get to it.
Have you tried a cut tennis ball to try sucking it back out? Not sure how well it would work on plastic though - not sure if you can just reach up from underneath - but usually you would need to remove the trim from bottom / rear arches

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There is probably a steel crash bar behind the bumber, I think the whole bumper will need removing. The sensors are glued in place with sekf adhesive pads...
How would a cut tennis ball work exactly?
The vacuum could pull it back out potentially, but was just a random idea

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