Don't open the door while driving...


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Jun 6, 2016
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Experienced a new one in the new A4 yesterday.

Don't open your drivers door while driving. The car suddenly did an "emergency" stop and put the parking brake on.
I was being lazy while parking and opened the door to make sure I was in the line and it just stopped. Quite a shock to me and the car that was behind!

I've done it a few times while in reserve and it's never done it before so perhaps its only in certain directions or at certain speeds!
Could be good if you ever get out forgetting to put the parking brake on... not that I've ever done that before obviously............
Happened to me a couple of days ago! I was also quite in a shock, also my car turns off the engine whenever I open the drivers door... There is a "fix" for this by doing some VCDS coding I think
I think if you're not wearing a seatbelt then the brake will not operate, however that's the way it works in my a3 and a good safety feature it is too..
I was wearing the seat beat, so I shut the door and it immediately took off the brake and drove forward again.

Just wasn't what I was expecting the car to do. I'll see what happens under different actions as mentioned above.