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Sep 1, 2014
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Hiya I won't bore you with everything I've played around with on my car . I now want a fresh new look on the outside of my car . Need some ideas and links so I can start making purchases. I will post some pics of my car so you see what I currently have. Im looking to change the look of it.
Would a whole new kit on it maybe give me what I want.


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Black roof, black badges, tinted windows maybe tinted updated rear lights!

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How much would it cost to change the front as in lights, bonnet, wings and maybe adding side skirts and changing the rear to make it look newer. I wanna change the reread lights and also mirrors.
I also keep looking out for a newer model of my car and seeing if it would be cheaper that way and move all my mods over but getting a quattro audi a3 2010 is a bit pricey.
That's my car with a black badge. I just don't feel it looks good at all .looks dull.


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Might be easier if you have examples of what you want it to look like unless you are looking for any ole ideas ...
I like the rs look but my car is only 3dr so dunno if it will just look tacky.. I've not seen a 3dr rs around my area. I don't mind the sline bumper just feel it needs to be lower and not so high up. I dunno where to start to look as I don't know my options.
I've spent way to much on this car just to see it go. Just wanna change the outside appearance as my engine ect is sound
Face lifting isn't cheap, done a number of cars, what's your budget?
I haven't set aside a budget yet. I won't spend any more than 10k though. Just want to get my car looking decent as I haven't spent any time really on the cosmetics side of things. Down the line I plan to change my seats and get a flat bottom all the little touches. I like some of these honeycomb grills but I would want my reg plate on the front aswell.
wouldnt mind only spending about 1-2k on parts with the respray as in bumper/skirts/ bonnet wings if i need them then i would like the new lights and maybe wing mirrors , if i could keep the lot under 5k as like i said above i want a flat bottom and new seats ect touch up my car with other respray repairs
ok after looking all over the internet i think ive found what im looking for. i found this car which i love the look off. is there a way i can change my front to that and also get the side skirts to match ect.


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You need to buy all the parts from a facelift car, bonnet, wings, front bumper, headlights etc...

There are a few ppl on the forum who have done this and I can recall a full list of parts being posted somewhere. You will need to add a front number plate, either in the original position or to the side;
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I just love the look. What year/model car would i need to start looking at.
You need to look at 8P3 S3 parts what are from 2008-2012's

To get that exact look you would need

A3/S3 bonnet
A3/S3 front arches
S3 front bumper
RS3 front grill
A3/S3 Bi - Xenon headlights
S3 Side skirts
2011 A3/S3 rear LED lights
S3 rear diffuser
S3 2011 LED Wing mirrors .
Any Dual Oval exhaust tips .

Will cost you a fair bit but all those parts would make your car look identical to a Facelift S3 .

I would try Ebay and local breakers as they will have the parts way cheaper than Audi or TPS . You could also sell all your old parts once you have your new body sorted .

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