a4 to a5 looking to buy


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Jul 22, 2014
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currently looking to buy an a5 coupe, i have a a4 cab currently. anything i should be looking or wary of, or any model of engine i should be avoinding, the 3.0 qautrro sounds fun but are they ticking time bombs?

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its used about a 2010 model with about 75k on clock for about £11000
The B8/B8.5 platform is shared between the A4 and A5, so any issues with the A4 largely apply to the A5.

A biggie is the oil consumption issue on a large proportion of 2.0TFSI engines made between 2007-2011.
Whay about the 3.0 tdi? @DrEskimo

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Heard they are pretty bullet proof. Don't drive diesels so no experience im afraid. Usual DPF and sensors on all diesels I imagine applies.

Driven a 2009 2.0TFSI and now a 2015 3.0TFSI S5.

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