A6 Avant Quattro S Line Sport Suspension


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Sep 18, 2016
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New shock absorbers (black #4F0413031AJ)

Front end (riding too high after new shocks fitted)

Hi there,

I have an 55 plate (C6) A6 Avant 2.7 Quattro S Line Sport... Thought I would upgrade the front shock absorbers as car has now done 138K & don't plan to get rid of it any time soon... Ordered new OE parts from Audi (4F0413031AJ) & surprised to see that they are black not the original red, work was carried out by an experienced & qualified tech... but for some reason car now riding very high in the front... see photos.. about to upgrade the rear shocks as well but need to sort out the front end first.... went to Audi & located the parts via the vehicle vin number & they are supposed to match...
Can anyone help or advise???
Thank you..
(original springs still in use)

Photo shows car on original S Line Sport set up


Before work carried out

After work carried out... Front end way too high

Rear (on original shocks)


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*** the garage has fitted the spring plate the wrong way round, that's dangerous and they should be given a good talking to and get your money back. Then go to a proper garage that will do the job right. As they clearly know feck all about Audi's.

Correct way

Incorrect way.
Thank you & your sharp eyes!!
Not being a tech I hadn't picked up on that... Phew!! Thought I was going nuts!!!
Hope you get it sorted, as whoever did that needs a kick, the plate was never designed to work that way and could bend dropping the spring down.
Thanks mate... Tech is more experienced with Mercades I think... I'm taking it back to him tomorrow to rectify... then off to another garage to fit new shocks to the rear... After 138000 miles it can't hurt to do them as I often haul quite heavy camera gear from time to time.. In the meantime... I hope it's ok to drive gently like that..
That's shocking, the plate is sort of cup shaped to hold the end of the Spring in place which you would think was fairly obvious. I would drive it very carefully and avoid any speedbumps!

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Shocks are passed their useful life at that sort of mileage, personally I would have not bothered with the Audi OEM shocks and gone for an eibach B12 Pro kit (shocks & springs) same quality 1/2 the price and I felt it was better comfort with the eibach setup. Also gives the same sline ride height.
Thanks for the advice & heads up re' spring plates... Needless to say I'm am less than happy with the work carried out.. TBC
Went back to the tech & he sorted it.... & threw in the 2hrs labour for fitting of rear shocks as well...
Thanks for your help guys
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