290,000 mile 2.7tt v6 allroad (2003) keep or not?


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Hi guys, I've recently bought a 2003 Audi allroad with the 2.7 biturbo - I currently have an A3 from the same year and I'm stuck on which to sell, I really like the allroad but the reliability scares me a bit (I've already got it up on jacks and taken a suspension air bag out but apart from that and an exhaust leak it's all mechanically sound) it's got a full Audi service history but has nearly 290,000 miles it's had the timing belt changed at 277,000 and it looks in good condition but that was in 2015 as it sat in a shed after that until I bought it. Would really like your opinions, will it be fine as if anything was to go wrong it would have happened in the last 300k miles, and I'll have a decent big AWD beast, or have I got a ticking time bomb on my drive which will explode as soon as I sell my very dependable 2.0 TDI A3?

Cheers guys look forward to hearing your thoughts!

By the way has anybody seen an allroad with higher miles? There are some old threads on the forum which have high mile examples but not as high as this from what I've seen