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Jun 14, 2006
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I've got a 1.8T A3 and when driving over uneven road surfaces i hear a rattling under the car like the exhaust is loose but it isn't!!!

It will also rattle if i'm in first gear driving really slow and suddenly put my foot down.

Does anyone have any idea what it could be? It's beggining to worry me now!

Well it sounds like another squeek probelm, I've had loads. I've got it really bad now with my ARB and I just don't get it. I've replaced the front driver's side arb link, and ever since then I've upgraded the arbs and installed full bushes, so I think I need new arb links all over. Sorry for not really helping, worth checking you arb and arb links I'd say or just one of the many bushes
I've got a similar rattle, and just recently its been getting worse.
I havent been able to get right under the car to have a good look around, but when i give the exhaust a good wobble, especially around the cat, i get a metallic 'jangle'
Hopefully im going to be able to get the car up in the air over the weekend, and weather permiting, i'll report back when i've found out.
Hope this is of some help
I had a similar noise and thought it was a heat shield for the exhaust. Discovered it was the inlet manifold was rattling about (Iv got the 1.8 N/A) Could have swore it was coming from underneath the car as well! Anyway turned out two bolts holding it in place had disappeared - dont know if they werent replaced after the garage had finished working on the car or if they had somehow come out themselves - very unlikely i thought. Ah well, sorted now.
Had the same thing earlier this year turned out to be the heat sheild around the cat the screws had become rusty and the guard was just flapping in the wind
I also have this same problem, exactly as described, i also have a 1.8T.

Im hoping to get it over my mates pit this weekend and have a look underneath, i was going to replace all of the exhaust rubbers for good measure but will check the other points mentioned here.
i have a problem with mine to, theres a knocking coming from the engine bay under accleration & also when turning left a grinding noise !
I had something similar recently.

Mine was rattling when in neutral above 1000RPM (Stopped at junctions etc...)

It turned out to be the jasket between the turbo and the manifold.

I first thought that it was the heat shield on the CAT, as the bolts had gone before.

mintie said:
Had the same thing earlier this year turned out to be the heat sheild around the cat the screws had become rusty and the guard was just flapping in the wind
I too have had this fault recently. Cost me all of 20 quid to get it repaired
think i need to get my car to a garage and see whats wrong with it. hoping it's not a major problem
OK, incase anyone is interested, I've finally found out what was rattling:jump:

It looks like the horizontal bolt that is welded to the front box (1) which is supported by the hangers (9) has rusted away fron the silencer, and then rattles against the pipework it was once attached to!

http://www.audi-sport.net/vb/[IMG]h...ums/b45/guylunn/car stuff/middlebox.jpg[/IMG]

Now I think it could be the ideal time to replace it with a stainless system!
Any recomendations?

Cheers people!
I have the same thing on mine and its still there as i been too lazy to get it sorted

remember last time i had it serviced at one of the tuning houses, they told me exhaust was shot and i should upgrade to a performance one !!!! frckin hilarious

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