Anyone found a use for it


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Sep 18, 2006
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Just wondering has anyone found an alternate use for the slot above the ashtray, below the ac unit. It seems such a waste
I use it to store my wallet, perfect size and once the flap is closed on it most people wouldnt even know there is a storage compartment there so i guess it is pretty safe too. Hope i havent spoken too soon, if my wallet goes missing i know who to ask :)
a few coins for car parks etc !
my ipod sits in there nicely, wired up to the dension kit and no one knows its there. i had to drill a small hole at the back for the cable to go through but that was easy enough. now the ipod site there charging and hidden away - perfect !
Yes. I assumed they all did but I stand corrected!
Wish I had that on my A4. i had it on my A3 and now i miss it as i used it alot
I keep a pair of sunglass in there - definatly need the flap/door thing, a couple of times I have not put it down , then accelerated resonably hard & ended up with sunglasses flying out & ending up in one of the front foot wells.
you probably have a double din slot like me then, hence the lack of flaps and slot ;)
....looks like your flap isnt getting much use, what with your rusty screws and loose change left all over the shop...
your right i dont really put much in it but the screw isnt rusty, its off the battery cover when i had a problem with the battery goin flat a while ago and just left the screws out for speed incase she didnt start. but shes good now. she needs a good clean anyway, oh and incase your wondering the hair clip isnt mine either.
Lovegroover said:
Mine has different dash, hence i'm flapless. :tumble:
Mine's a pre-facelift model and that dash looks alien to me. I wonder if it was an option or something?