What movies do you watch over and over


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Jul 25, 2009
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What film/ films do you like to watch over and over again?
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I will start

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I just know I`ll get laughed out of here, but I don`t care...:rock:

Any of the Fast and Furious films; just EPIC, basically !
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I just know I`ll get laughed out of here, but I don`t care...:rock:

Any of the Fast and Furious films; just EPIC, basically !

No, no lol here, good choice, I can see a few on here agreeing with you there.
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Terminator 1&2
Back to the Future, all of them.
Total Recall, Arnie version.
Hot Fuzz.
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Straight Outta Compton
Fast and Furious
Back to the Future
Grown ups 1 & 2
American Pie 1,2,3 or The Reunion
American Gangster

Just to name a few.
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I always find myself watching any of the Quentin Tarantino films.

Pulp Fiction, kill Bill, Jackie Brown, reservoir dogs.....

I see @Sandra enjoys Paul lol :)
I never get tired of watching Hot Fuzz .. So funny!
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@Ghost I love the movie Paul. It has that feel good factor to it. I barely scratched the surface of the movies I like. I will post them up on a regular basis. It's an absolute fantastic idea for a thread
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Bourne films,
Fast and Furious,
Riddick collection,
Bond (Daniel Craig),
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I watch this one over & over

& this one too :D

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I agree with most of the posts on here, so that's a good start!

Fast and Furious films (I can pretty much quote anything from the 1st film)
Inglorious Basterds (just brilliant, excellent performances and Frau von Hammersmark.......mmm mmmm mmmm)
Inception (Just love the soundtrack, the feel and style of the film)
Hot Fuzz (ITV2 favourite, good for when there is nothing else on)
The Dark Knight (again great style and Joker was intriguing)
Bourne trilogy (good action)
Gone in 60 seconds (when Eleanor jumps, it brings a tear to my eye (even if it is low budget CGI!) and I love the opening track by Moby).
Tomorrow Never Dies (My favourite scene is when he steals the encoder and makes his way back to the car park, escapes with some amazing weapons and then bins the 7-series 5 mins later)
Casino Royale (stylish) and the other Daniel Craig ones if they are on TV.
Ocean's Eleven
Home Alone 1 and 2 (never get bored of these two!)
Django Unchained (really good film even if it is quite long)

There are more great films I've seen but these are just the ones ones I've seen many times.
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Just watched these 3 again for the upteenth time
Always have me crying with laughter! lol

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Flash Gordon

Great film and great soundtrack :)
Got to agree with most of those suggested so far but below these never get boring. I think 'Training day' the TV show comes out next year

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I would be surprise if anyone on here have not seen this ...
the italian job 1969

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For me it's
Fast and furious (mainly the first one)
Worlds fastest Indian
Isle of Man TT
All the American pies
Top gun

And don't hold it against me but G.I. Jane (mmm Demi Moore)
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@Ghost @Bristle Hound

It'll never be as good as T1. However, if it's even 60-70% as good it'll be a worthy sequel. It'll be getting watched at the Cinema, that's a given.
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Don't know, I've got high hopes for T2, going to watch 1 again before I go though. It's a cracking film which brings back lots of memories, some good, some horrendous - from 82 - 93 I used to work in that self same environment.
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What do you guys think of all these re-makes and TV shows of films coming out later in the year?

Training day & Lethal weapon TV shows (Rush Hour was really poor, Lee was white!!!!)

Chips & Baywatch are coming out at the cinema. 21 & 22 jump street where funny but I never saw the show
Haven't seen the TV shows but started watching the remake of Point Break a week or 2 back, it was awful.

Watched the ad for Chips yesterday, since End of Watch I'm a Michael Pena fan and looks like it could be quite funny but, for some reason, it reminded me of Reno 911, ad was hilarious, film was dreadful.
If you like Michael Pena then watch this

He is a very underrated actor
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I will always watch this if it's on TV ...

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Uncle Buck
And probably all the films from above.
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Another one for Blues Brothers, Fast and Furious too. Planes trains and Automobiles always makes me laugh, Bourne films and I have most of the 24 box sets ;)
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Office Space

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Wasn't sure I would like the new 24 (24 Legend) with new actors and so on but I watched the first episode and I think I am hooked :sadlike:
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