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Jun 18, 2006
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Was coming out the shopping centre carpark and an alarm flashes up (red, so its important) stopped the car in an empty space and popped the bonnet not really knowing what im looking for

Anyway sister is shouting at me from in the car that it needs water - well, i'd worked that much out but I werent sure where is was meant to be going. So eventually, I worked it out, and luckily I keep a bottle of water in my car, filled it up.

Well, my question is.... after all of this I read the manual, and apparently,

the coolent should last like forever and not need topping up, so does that mean ive probably got a leak somewhere?

the temp used to stay on 90 constantly, now it drops between 75 and 90, the book says this isnt good

and should I be going to Audi to get the correct antifreeze stuff to add to it? the one in it is pink.... dads is either blue or yellow.

Ive kept an eye on it today and the temp keeps dropping to 60, works its way to 90 but doesnt stay there like it normally does...

Any ideas? :unsure:
You need G12+ Coolant (they dont make G12 any more) and its only around £5 a litre from dealers or GSF.

You then to mix this in the correct ratio with distilled water to ensure the expansion properties are correct.

It would be worth checking your level now and again after a longish drive to see if you do have a leak, the temperature jump will be due to the fact the mix is now mainly water and not coolant.

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