Finally ! A new RS6 Owner !

I was 455.7 and Nat was 452 !!!
I took the trophy home with me this time.
THeres your answer BB

OK, dumb question time...........What difference does the oil make?? Or are you winding me up???:)
Just thought I'd check this part of the Forum out as my mate has just bought himself an RS6 and I have pointed him in this direction. He should fit in nicely as he has a Saloon too. He hasn't quite got it in his hands yet but it will be soon and I am sure he'll be on the site shortly, no pressuring him in to an AMD remap etc I'm sure 455 BHP is quite enough, ;)
bbigman2000 said:
Id give him 6 weeks before he starts researching the remap !!

Get used to the power far too quickly..!!
Nice thing is I have been driving my Mini about and my Wifes car so the RS feels good again!
Driving the mini has made me relise how lucky I am to own the RS (sounds really bad I know) but I miss all the toys, comfort and POWER when not driving the beast!!! BUT The mini just makes you smile and smile and smile and relise what the road feels like!!!!!!

Be good to have another RS6 owner, need an Avant on here soon...When I worked for Audi all we saw was Avants never a saloon.
thanks dipsA4

I know what your sayin marmite, ive been running mine for 2 days now, but tonight im off to visit some of the clubs I run and I cant risk leaving it outside so im goin to have to take the mondeo gutted
Thats better...! half a tank and a smile on my face!!
Hi there,

Sorry to tag this on to an old thread but I'm currently reading anything RS6 I can find as I'm hoping to collect my Daytona RS6 Avant tomorrow.

Based well south down in Devon.

I can see an AmD group Remap coming on in the new year... Wonder if they would do a good deal for Cash....
cash talk!!!

Saving now for it...might follow suit with the exhaust!!!
Trying to get mrs to sell the Bora so she can have the RS and I'll get another car instead...Not bored at all just want another sports car.

Raymie, just go for it mate..treat yourself..!!!
bbigman2000 said:
yeh raymie, come on get a saloon, that will be 4 of us for the remap in the spring time :)

Drove RS6 plus be honest the difference is very hard to tell...good thing I hadn't driven the beast for 4 days then drove the Plus....

To be 100% honest after driving mine today I don't think there is much in it...gear change felt different but that could be the last owners settings

Pick up was good and that was 480Bhp..I want to drive a 500bhp + one to see waht the re-map will is going to make a difference but how much??

When not driving it for a while and then jumping into you relise what a monster it is!!

BP have just launched 102 octane, and I got a pump down the road so going to give it a couple of tanks and see how it goes
One of the guys who I fly fish now and then posts on here, he has Silver RS6 Avant, tuned by ABT and de-restricted as far as I know, 550Bhp and 200Mph :) NickRS6

Ive seen the thing shift and it is awesome, warp drive form the enterprise is what it reminds me of. He pushes the happy peddle and the monstewr is out of sight.

Hope to get a spin in it sometime :) In the mean time I will have to stick with my A6 Tdi :)

I just received my RS6 on Friday and having driven a few miles over the weekend I am now getting a little concerned. Imay be getting paranoid having read everthing on any forums I can find but this what I just posted over on "Got my RS6 on Friday (delivered from audi dealers with audi warranty) and obviously have been trying it out over the weekend. Somewhat concerned with slightly iffy handling/braking on bumpy roads and quite a lot lot of banging crashing from suspension when initially driven gets better after a mile or so. Would the panel suspect the shockers/DRC? Also during experimentation put foot down hard around 40mph on slightly damp roads huge burst of acceleration but the esp light was going nuts. Normal? Power is immense, straight line performance superb just slightly less confident than I feel I should be on twisty bits when compared to my old a6 2.8Q." Regards Mark
Sorry to hear this
Get the dealer to check the shocks to make sure you have not got a leak?

esp light flashing..Normal mine flashes all the time..even when over taking and the power comes in while on the white line!! wet day is even worse and when the tyre were low everytime I nailed it it flashed!!

Turn off the esp and see what it is like without it on just for fun??

Get it back to the dealer ASAp and see what they have got to say for themselves
marmite said:
Sorry to hear this
Get the dealer to check the shocks to make sure you have not got a leak?

esp light flashing..Normal mine flashes all the time..even when over taking and the power comes in while on the white line!! wet day is even worse and when the tyre were low everytime I nailed it it flashed!!

Turn off the esp and see what it is like without it on just for fun??

Get it back to the dealer ASAp and see what they have got to say for themselves

I think I'll wait before turning off the ESP! Little more experience required especially on the roads locally!

The dealer promised to call next week after I'd had the car for a few days to see how I'm getting on. Will discuss it then.

regards Mark
yeh doesnt sound to good mate, though surely an audi dealer would not have let a car out with suspension issues, my car has had the whole lot replaced valve and all shockers.

I can honestly say, I have never seen my traction light cut in, yes if im silly and take off on gravel ! But otherwise I must be a much more reserved driver than you guys LOL.

There is no clunking or noises from my car, and braking is very strong and straight, and handling is smooth and predictable.

Hope that helps bud.

You can check your car visually yourself, for signs of fluid leak from the valve or the actual shocks themselves. It will look just like a dam patch on the shocker.
Got my RS6 Back today!

She's been back at the dealers since Last monday week.

The suspension is much better a little firmer but now properly damped.

Only had a couple of short drives so far will try her out some more over the weekend.


Although not part of the '6' Club, probably also a tad old at almost 40!

How do you guys afford the pleasures of a 6? All I keep hearing about (apart from the immense pleasure and performance) is how expensive they are to own, with servicing running into thousands...?

Is this coming across as being a tad jealous?! Probably coz I am !

No seriously, RS6's are starting to drop to what I would call affordable levels, i.e. low £20k's, but the miles are starting to creep, 70k+, similar in fact the the B5 RS4's. With some of us, not earning footballers wages, the ownership of an RS6 seems to be insane to us mere mortals...?

Tis Crimbo - Bah Humbug! Where's me DERV...
your gonna get a heap of a RS6 for low 20's with very high miles !!

I personnally havent seen one change hands for less than 25k yet, and that was a trade bid on a 52 plate saloon.

Im not saying that there would be anything wrong with a high miler, because I firmly believe that they are good for mega miles, regardless of the fact they have turbo's fitted, they are running very low boost pressure.

I cant speak for the other guys on here, but I only make 60k a year, so running the RS6 isnt all that easy for me.

I cant ever see them being affordable to run properly, they are going to be a classic for a long long time !! And there is not enough of them on the road for cheap pattern parts like brakes to be feasable.

I hope you get your hands on one bud.
Cheers for that BigMan!

Don't get me wrong, the cost of the car is one thing which is possible, it's a concern I guess alot of people have about buying such a car. Usually people trade up each time they buy a car, but unless you're used to paying big car maintenance costs, it can be a real shocker.

I'm not yet convinced about them. Awesome I know. Rare definitely and always turn heads. I am looking for something 'special', but might leave it at the V8 S4...

Off to Oz on Sunday for the remainder of December, so will have a think whilst away...

Cheers !!
The Rs6 is an expensive car to run and maintain.

Unfortunatly I earn 1/2 of what bigman earns.

I am lucky as used to be a Audi Tech and still have many freinds in Audi, so all work is carried out by me(with use of special tools if required) if not covered by Warranty and I get the bits at cost too.

check this guy on E-bay

Cheap discs and pads!!

Buying the car is easy with the finace deals around today and I agree not seen one in the low £20k's yet they are still £30k for ave mileage 03 plates which is good to see :)

The RS6 is awesome like all the Rs models, but you have to live with it for a while to really understand the beast fully, it is a great car to jump into and nail about like a **** for 10 miles then give it back..but it is a different world driving one everyday.

The hardest thing now is what the hell do you buy next..??

I have driven new S6 and yes it is great but not a patch on the RS..the new RS looking forward to that my name down for a test drive already
All I can say is, I have driven and owned all sorts of cars
The RS6 is staying firmly with me, Im not bored of it never will
be its a shock and awe car everytime you drive it.

And Marmite is right, its even better once you know it, you just cant
jump in one and drive it properly, you need a considerable time to learn it.

Enjoy Oz !
Cheers fellas

I'm just starting rather a busy period in my life - just starting a dream housebuild in Kent, so am gonna be cash rich for about a year, so am able to buy pretty much any car I want at the moment. Start on return from Oz in Jan, and hope to finish Sept/October.

I don't want to buy a car and sell it in a year's time and lose a load of cash in depreciation. I may end up having to sell it next year (end of summar/Autumn) anyway to finance the completion of the house, but if poss I'll try and keep the car, whatever it is. So while I have the cash, I want something special as I may not be able to afford it after that! Wedding to follow housebuild!

Thanks alot for all your pearls of wisdom. Like most S/RS cars, I know I'll love it as soon as I get in it. I earn a tad more than BigMan, and get fuel paid for with work so the finances of purchasing and fueling not an issue. It's merely the large bills arriving out of the blue. Not sure what my reaction would be taking it in for a service to see a bill well into 4 digits.

However if I'm careful and keep the car only for a year I may not get any of them!! Although I hear you say, I wont want to sell it then...

I agree about the ownership issue. Been in a lot of cars for tests, but you always go mental dont you? Not your usual day-to-day driving. A friend had a RS6 new in 2003 and thought it awesome. He sold it for a 997 C4, and has now sold that for a RR Supercharged Sport. He still hankers after the audi though due to build quality and semi-practicality. He only keeps his cars for one year.

As before will have a long think whilst supping my beers on the beach on Xmas Day ! Will also consider how to broach the subject with the missus - she thinks I'm spending abt £20k on a B6 S4 or B5 RS4 at the moment.

All the best...
Im with you there bud, Ive been through the house renovation, new build thing a few times, and its heart breaking stuff, twice now ive had to sell cars, bikes or watches to finish projects !

Obviously 60k per annum in North Scotland is worth considerably more than it is in Kent ! But all the same, you should be able to buy a 6 for 35k, keep it a year and sell it for 30+ and if you choose carefully, you may not have to spend a penny on it in that time !!
After much soul searching I've decided on a B6 S4 Avant. Pick it up tomorrow and can't wait.

Thanks for your comments and advice though.


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