Finally ! A new RS6 Owner !


Mugello Blue RS6 Saloon 03
Sep 30, 2006
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Elgin Scotland
After weeks of trying to find the right car, I finally picked up my Mugello Blue saloon with 30,000 miles in Surrey Yesterday.
The Car has had the entire suspension and valve replaced, it has the drilled discs all round, all brand new, and it has every option !!
its on and 03 plate and was sold new from northampton audi.
Very very pleased with it and gave it a good 580 mile run yesterday, fuel consumption I felt was good costing only £150 to travel 580 miles and that was using V-max only.
One fault, the passenger side indicator doesnt work, but I have an extended warranty so next week it will be booked in for that.
Its getting a full detail tmrw by extreme valet, so Il get some pics up asap.
If anyone is looking for an Rs6, feel free to give me an email or PM as I have been round the country driving these cars, and I have discovered a lot about them.
regards Glen
hey welcome to the club, I got mine about 6 weeks ago.. They are amazing cars...
very nice, get some pics of it asap !
oh, and welcome :)
Hello Mate

That makes 4 of us now..just need an Avus silver and red one and we got all the colours...well nearly

Had mine 2 months and love it to on my face every morning...!!
THANK YOU folks, appreciated, I did origionally put a deposit on a red one, but the dealership pulled out of it as it required to much work before theyd let it go out.

Its getting a full detail tmrw, so pics tmrw night :)
Looking forward to seeing pics, are all four saloons or has someone got an avant???
cool another person form Surrey..

Think it could be time for an RS6 meet.. lol
omg you did travel to get yours lol.

I got a black saloon, will get some pics up when I get home, as got it just before I had to leave to get back to work for 4 weeks..
ok so who is the youngest RS6 owner then..???
Oh yeah I'll be the right old age of 32 in 23 days now......! not counting 4hrs 38 min to go..!!!
what for Prince to let us know.!!
i not long got cob webs in my beast anymore...been sitting @40mph all week on the A1 to work very boring...!!!

Had the new Boxster S 3.4 last night..really nice car...but not a patch on the beast..missed the power...!
lol well the most power we got out here is th ebus that takes us to the airport.. lol or a camel or two..

Oh i dont know be interested just happend to get my hands on : VAG Complete workshop manuals. If you have not already got them..
Nice to see the RS club is growing and a nice number of 6's!!!

Another 10 years for me to hit the 30's and i damn well hope these have depreciated a wee bit more lol :p
Sorry chaps .. I seemed to have missed this 'critical' thread. Just got back from a nice relaxing (sometimes spine chilling) drive around some of our quieter roads :) .. All safe and legal ofcourse !!! ...

Now can I say, someone told me today that Avants were 10 times more popular (maybe a pop at my saloon, marred with part envy?) and I wanted to say well they are 10 times more available perhaps ... but popular I'm not sure ... as I personally can't stand them ... I've never been a hearse ..oops .. estate man myself (sorry estate lovers I mean no disrespect, just my opinion).

So indeed, Saloon for me ... any day of the week. Now as regards age ... I feel old with two little monsters (boys) in my life that keep their father busy with their mother of course ! Age .... 33 and counting only in one direction ! and thats upwards..

Tonight I created this little video which captured a part of the Audi RS6 that you are all familiar with but I'm too shy to post. Maybe I'll email it to one of you lot for a preview and to get an opinion.
Or if you guys promise not to take the '****', I might post it here ... :sm4:
you got to post it now mate!!!

I couldn't post it here so I quickly knocked up a webpage on one of my redundant domains so it could be viewed.

It's nothing special ... just something I've been trying to explain to my mates (something that you are guys are well aware of) and capture it in some way. I thought this may do the job .. esp those that think my description is tinted with a tad bit of exaggeration (this is for them!)

Better to right click on the short clip (Where it says Video) and save it to your hard drive before viewing it as on some laptops it may jump as it buffers).

There is a small gallery too.

As you'll see I'm no David Bailey or Steven Spielberg for that matter ... just trying to capture a moment ;-)

Let me know what you think :)

And REMEMBER to have your volume HIGH !
heh heh awesome mate, superb

Love the pics aswell super heres mine
I've posted another video (same site), one of a 0-60 test that wife and I carried out on a safe track. Do take a look if you get the chance. Getting mid 4's I think (depending on reaction time).


Let me know what you think. :sm4:
bbigman2000 said:
lmfao, how are ya mate :p

All good hear, the guys are looking after me, now if you dont mind, scuttle off back to the sub 400bhp page PMSL ;)

:laugh: :laugh:
Well you guessed right......... I'm down 15 BHP at 395 according to the RR day at the weekend!!

Nate and Marmite were within a couple of each other.

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