B8.5 S4 Problem????


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Jun 10, 2015
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Hi guys,
Long story but here is the short version.......

Thursday (4th Aug) took my s4 into Audi as i noticed the coolant was under min. They had the car for the day and came back to me with saying they need to rebook it in as they need to take the supercharger off as it leaking in that area. They topped me up with coolant and i was to come back in on Monday (15th Aug) to get a courtesy car for 3 DAYS????

Any way on Friday (5th Aug) i check the level at lunch time and it was under min again so i call ed Audi road side and they tested the system and it was leak under pressure from said supercharger area. Any way while i was with the tech guy i had a look at my oil cap, and here comes the possible problem. It looks like to me that there is coolant starting to get into my oil or am i wrong? The tech guys said it was ok but surely there shouldn't be any while "blobs" in the oil??? Any advise guys while it is with Audi?

Thanks in advance

Here is the picture
It looks like the mayo sort of stuff you'd get if it's a totaled head gasket.

I think you should go to another garage to confirm and go back to Audi HQ for the mistake by your service dept
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Thanks for the reply. I will press with my local Audi to get it checked and fixed first as to be fair they have been really good in the past!

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