Worth Re-mapping?


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Mar 18, 2014
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Hi guys,

I have an 05 plate 2.0L TDi S-Line that has 110,000miles on the clock.
Is it worth getting re-mapped? And if so, is there any work that you would recommend having done at the same time? It's in need of a cam belt and water pump change so should I get that done at the same time? Before? After?
Any help would be really appreciated!

It's in the service book on the sticker int he front, for a 2005 car it's most likely be a BLB engine or BRE
A BLB has a double trouble oil pump drive.

Chain driven - the tensioner fails .


And the 77mm hex drive key and balancer shaft keyway wears .


You don't say if the car is auto or manual, but if manual then factor the cost of a replacement clutch and if it's an auto make sure the gearbox has been well serviced @110K it should have either done or coming up to the second service.
After a remap the car usually chews through a warn clutch quite quickly, so factor in a DMF/Clutch replacement, if that already been done then you should be ok.
So my car doesn't have a cam belt? It has a chain instead?
It has a cambelt, but also has a chain inside the engine to drive the oil pump. google "Audi BLB oil pump" and you will find a lot of information on the BLB oil pump issue.

Personally if I had a BLB engine car I would not be remapping it unit the chain to gear conversion is done & the balance shaft replaced or inspected.
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